4 Things You MUST Know To Receive Tax Credit Incentives For Solar Battery Storage

It’s all over the news…

Rolling black outs… Heatwaves…And now wildfires…

In short… One of the largest issues is the need for a transition from relying on utility power plants… to renewable self-energy sources like solar power. But it’s not just about installing solar panels to fix the overall problem… A Battery Energy Storage System (also known as BESS) can eliminate the reliance on utility companies all together. You become your own solar power plant.

Although solar is what our planet needs… it comes at a cost ($$$). Luckily, there are great energy investment tax credits (also known as ITC) for installing solar panels and BESS… BUT you want to make sure you do it right to save the most money possible.

The ITC grants a deduction on a fixed percentage of the costs when you install solar. This year it is 26%… next year it is around 22%…But there are 4 things you must know for ITC to be available for commercial solar and BESS to maximize your money saved. As with all tax credits… it’s always about the details

So…the 4 things are

● The solar power plant and BESS have the same owner.
● The solar power plant and BESS are located on the same site
● The solar plant and BESS are installed at the same time (within a year)
● The solar power plant is required to charge the BESS 75% of the time.

There are a lot of things you must consider if you want to maximize your savings in solar… alleviate the headache by letting Newport Power do all the leg work for you.

Contact us today to eliminate your energy bill.

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