Blackouts (And Worse!) Are Coming…

California is suffering from its first energy emergency in almost 20 years…

With temperatures soaring to record highs… it is only a matter of time before the demand for power is overwhelmed and rolling blackouts occur. These intentional power shutdowns are an electrical company’s last resort to prevent a total power blackout.

The state’s power grid managers warned that rolling blackouts could effect more than 3 million people. So the question becomes… what if your business is one of areas effected?

Most rolling blackouts lasting from 2-4 hours… Business owners can usually quantify how much financial damage could be done to their business with a total loss of electricity.
In general (depending on your revenue generation pattern) losing electricity for any reason could cost your business more than the cost of an advanced solar and battery storage system.

You Need A Plan

If you don’t have a plan in place for rolling blackouts, then now is the time to make one and prepare for the potential of your business’s power being temporarily turned off.

Imagine if there was a way for your business to continue to operate during a massive blackout where everything is still up and running. Technolgy has advanced to the point
where this is not only attainable… but affordable.

Southern California is well-known for year-round sunshine. An advanced solar generation system with battery backup can provide the continuity and stability you need as a business owner. You now become your own power company where you no longer have to rely on utility companies.

You can’t stop the utility companies from making bad decisions… but you CAN make a GREAT decision for your business.

Alleviate the constant worry of blackouts and poor decisions by others by giving Newport Power a call today to see how we can help power your company’s future.

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