Carport Solar Panel Installation

When your clients pull up to your building… they are instantly greeted with a beautiful carport that shows off your company’s green image. It is the first thing they see which is an excellent way to market your brand and business.
Companies have turned to carports not only to show their greener image… but also to improve their employees’ work environment… carports allow a nice cool cover for the cars unearth it so your employee can enjoy a cool car instead of a scorching hot car where it burns to touch the steering wheel.
See some of our projects and see how Newport Power sets itself apart from the rest!

Electric Cars & Charging Stations

Newport Power is Leading the Charge!

Chevy, Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes and Tesla are leading the electric car revolution and Newport power is leading the integration of solar recharging stations. Click to contact us button below and start saving with solar now!

Recent Projects

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