The Golden State Or The Dependent State?

According to the US Energy Information Administration… California imported 70.8 million megawatt-hours last year. That means that 25% of California’s total electricity supply was imported, making it the #1 U.S. net importer of electricity.

This is important to know because this summer’s heatwave and fire threats lead many Californians and businesses to deal with rolling blackouts. Having no power for multiple hours/days can costs businesses tons of money! 

And this problem isn’t getting fixed anytime soon… 

But there is ONE way to make sure you’re never are a victim to rolling blackout so your business can continue to function and thrive. 

This little-known solution solves the current threat of power outages that looms at your business every day. 

It’s called battery storage… 

The electric grid will be shut down during extreme weather conditions or if consumer demand overloads the system. Also, utilities can shut down if they think the grid will become overloaded. 

A way to power through these rolling blackouts is with a reliable solar battery to take control of your energy storage. By diverting the excess solar energy your panels create to your battery and backup panel… you can power the essential things you need to keep your business up and running. 

This can save your business tons of money and time to give you the peace-of-mind that your business can continue to operate no matter what. 

Contact Newport Power today to get more information so you can ALWAYS continue to power your company’s future. 

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