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Newport Power has over a decades worth of knowledge and experience in commercial solar across the United States…Offering building, maintenance, and operation to our clients we have built a reputation as being the total service provider.

Fortune 500 companies are integrating solar to reduce operational costs and end reliance on their utility company… this not only saves your company money, but provides your brand a greener image.

With a wide range of federal and state tax incentives and grants now more than ever is the time for companies to capitalize on these benefits.

Newport Power makes it a priority to deliver the maximum return on your solar investment by providing and installing the highest quality, most technically advanced solar equipment available on the market today. 

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Being a total solutions provider has provided us with a wealth of knowledge that we utilize every day. When the factory wants to know how a panel is working at 120 degrees in the Arizona desert, we know. When engineering wants to know how the racking held up in Hurricane Lee’s path in New Jersey, we know.


The time has come for you to embrace energy independence and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with being part of a better future: for your family, for future generations. Start saving money now! Inquire about current federal and state tax incentives and grants available in your area. Then watch your utility bills drop and stay low for years to come.


When your building needs more power than the power your roof can provide… carports are your solution!
Newport Power is an authorized ChargePoint™ Installer. ChargePoint is currently the largest and most open network of independently owned charging stations in the world.
Carports are not only a huge benefit for your company because of all the money you will save… but it is also a huge benefit for your clients and employees.


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